A floor with CHARACTER

I know we only install garage floors.  However, this week a customer touched me to the very soul and I found out a lot about the character of a man I never even met in person. This week we installed a floor with character.

Character in people is something that is often hard to find. 

It yearns for the days of old when our fore-bearers crossed oceans and the great plains to establish a new life.  It is also said that a person’s character is revealed in different ways. 

The first measure of a person’s character is revealed not in the good times but in how they conduct themselves in hard times.  In other words when the going gets tough people with character handle themselves well. 

Another place where a person’s character is revealed is in their children.  Sometimes goof balls have good kids and sometimes good people have goof balls.  But, in general apples don’t fall from the tree and good people usually turn out good people and vice versa.

By combining these two definitions of character:  How do you handle yourself in hard times?  How did your kids turn out?   You can really tell a lot about a person’s character by how their kids handle adversity.

As some of you know I often sell garage floors right over the phone and don’t even meet the customer face to face.  https://sfgaragefloors.com/about-us/ The person I am writing about today called me several weeks ago.  We discussed his needs and scheduled his garage floor right over the phone.  We never even met.  I had no idea how things were going to change.

About a week and a half before the installation this customer was out walking.  A truck turned a corner, didn’t see him and he was hit very hard.  He is still in a coma in the hospital and we are all praying for the best.

This man is important to his family and they all have heavy hearts as they wait for his recovery.  I know this man must have great character by the way his children conducted themselves with me.  It was their mother’s wish to still get the garage floor done.  The children (who are adults) called about a week before the installation to let me know the circumstances and make arrangements to let us in.  They were more concerned about getting the garage floor done for their mother, getting us access and getting us paid than they were about their own grief.

I found out a lot about the character of this customer that I have never met in person by the dignity, planning and care in which his children conducted themselves in their time of distress. 

Even though we only install garage floors, we found out a lot about a man’s character this week.  He stood the test and we were very proud to be able to work for he and his children.

A floor with character
A floor with Character