COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Dear Customer,

At Integrity Garage we thank you for your business.  In the light of the Corona virus issues and the economic impact that it has brought we appreciate your sticking with us and we are implementing the policies below to keep us all safe. We will not only provide you with great garage products but we will do it with the safety of you, your family, and our employees in mind.  I have promised that we will “take good care of your home”.  This includes everyone we come into contact with as well as the home itself.  Because of these concerns we have instituted new COVID-19 safety policies which are listed below.  They are in line with the recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason including concerns about Coronavirus.

  1. Our employees will wear gloves at all times on your job.
  2. Our employees will wear respirators whenever they are working directly with you.
  3. Our employees will avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Please maintain a six foot separation from our employees.
  5. Employees will no longer shake the hand of the customer.
  6. Our employees will not use your bathroom.
  7. We will carry and our employees will use hand sanitizer.
  8. Billing will be done electronically to prevent touching.

One of my mother’s favorite pieces of advice over the years is “this too shall pass”.  I have faith that we will develop a Corona virus vaccine and this will pass quickly.  However, until it does we will take these precautions to protect the safety of you, your family and ours.


Lance Jensen

Integrity Garage Floors

(425) 888-5565

Employee with Covid-19 safety equipment.