Own a Garage Flooring Business for $65,000

The garage is latest frontier in the Home Improvement Market.  Homeowners are trading up and their garage is a great place to go from a dirty, dingy forgotten space to “WOW, I can’t believe that’s my home!”  The GEARAGE, the She Shed, the Man Cave, the Workout Room, the “I just want it to be incredible space.”  Homeowners are transforming their garages into spaces that bring the outside inside.  We get to transform these spaces, we do it every day, and we love it!

Do you think you could love it too?

At South Fork Concrete Coatings, we have been there, we have done that, got the T-Shirt and we are ready to help you too! 

For the last decade I have been coating concrete.  We’ve coated everything from factories spanning tens of thousands of square feet to my mother’s garage.  Along the way we coated doggy day cares, race car shops, a morgue, a jail, a strip joint and worked for billionaires and movie stars.  Those things are all interesting and fun but, we have made our living, coating thousands and thousands of garage floors belonging to people just like you and me.   


Can you think of a substitute for experience?  There isn’t one!  We have it!  We bring it to you!  We can back it up!

  • Over a decade of coating concrete.
  • Over a decade of selling concrete coatings
  • We built a successful applications business.  We know how to help you because we did it!  We didn’t read about it “WE DID IT!”
  • Experience as a garage flooring franchisor.
  • We have experience with a wide variety of products.
  • We have worked with many different coatings manufactures.
  • We have worked with many different equipment manufactures.
  • We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing.
  • We have dealt with a variety different processes.
  • We have experience with training applicators.

Through all of this experience we have weeded thru the lousy people, the bad processes, the mediocre equipment, the bad marketing and the rotten manufacturers to find the great ones.  It’s not that we don’t continue to learn, we are learning every day.  But when you start a business, you need help.  You need the guidance that can only come from experience and we can supply it.  That’s our promise to you.

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Don't Break the Bank

Entrepreneurs want ROI not huge investments.  Bill Gates started making computers in his bedroom.  Jeff Bezos started with one of Bill Gates’ laptops.  This is the spirit that makes America great.  We have a found a business that can be very profitable and you can do it with a low investment.  Are you tired of working for someone else?  Are you tired of making someone else’s family lots of money and not yours?  Do you want to join the group of people who have made it?  Come with us and we’ll help you do it just like we did.

Training: Training is the first key to our success.  We have trained lots of applicators.  We train in our “Concrete Lab” here in the Seattle area.  You’ll spend a week with people who do and have owned and run garage flooring businesses.  You will receive the kind of training that will get you off to a great success.

Equipment: You need equipment to run this business.  But, what is the right equipment?  How much should you spend on that equipment.  Do I need a $5,000 grinder or a $20,000 grinder?  Do you really need to spend $3,000 on a vacuum?  Should you use a truck or a trailer?  Who builds the best equipment at the best price?  Should I buy 1 or 2 scrapers?  Should I use combination locks or keyed locks?  We will put a complete equipment package together for you.  Lock stock and barrel.  You’ll be able to drive it straight to a job.  You won’t even have to stop at Home Depot.  We make it simple; we make it economical and best of all we supply products that work!  We know this because they have worked for us.

Inventory:  How much inventory do I need to start out?  Do I need lots or a little?  What types of inventories do I need?  Epoxies, Polyaspartics, Urethanes?  What type of floors will I be working on initially?  We will put together a complete inventory for you to work with.  This will be enough to coat about 6,000 square feet of garage floors.  Sounds like a lot?  It isn’t if you do it right!

Marketing:  How much do I need to spend on marketing?  What avenues work the best?  Magazines, Google, social media, Coupons, Word of Mouth, Web site consolidators, SEO, Home Shows?  Hint, they all work, the real question is which ones are worth the money.  How do I run a marketing campaign?  Once again, we are going to put together a marketing package for you that works for us.

Sales:  Once I find someone who is interested in having me coat their garage floor how do I transform this into a sale?  Do these things sell themselves, or will I need to learn how to sell garage floors?  Can I sell over the phone or do I need to go to the garage?  What if I run across something unusual?  When you come to training, we are going to spend a lot of time on sales training.  We think you will need the best operational training, the best products, the best equipment, the best marketing and the best sales training to go along with it.  We know this business and we will be happy to share it with you too!

Service:  Once I become trained and have a successful business who is going to support me on an ongoing basis?  We will!  We are the same people who have supported lots of other applicators.  We are passionate about this business.  We get paid by how successful you are and that’s the way we want it.

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The Total Package

For $65,000 you will receive the following:

  • A complete trailer equipped to install garage floors from day 1.
  • One week of comprehensive training in South Fork Concrete Coatings “Concrete Lab”.
  • Enough inventory to coat 6,000 square feet of garage floors.
  • $10,000 worth of Marketing.  Which will cover your first 3-4 months of advertising.

Come join us and we will help you fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams!

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